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Exceptional Reviews of Our Quality Health Care Services

Advanced Therapy Concepts provides you with therapeutic health care services to ease your pain. From lymphedema therapy to treating occupational injuries, our highly experienced and trained staff can handle it all.

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"As a former patient I was very happy and relaxed with the staff. I was able to work with my arms better. Now I have my daughter going for therapy. I feel she is in the best of hands. I would never let my daughter go anywhere a mother doesn't approve. Again by far, a great professional therapy center." 
- Wanda V.

"Before physical therapy it hurt to walk and I couldn't walk longer than 2 minutes without getting tired. Now, my balance has improved and I'm able to walk longer without losing my balance. I'm standing more upright and my legs feel stronger." - 
- Arthur S.

"I started physical therapy at Advanced Therapy Concepts after having both knees replaced. The care I received here has been the best I've seen in my life. I am a 25-year veteran of the Army, and have seen many training facilities and have been in a lot of recovery facilities. I rate this staff the best I have ever dealt with." 
- Joel H.

"My flexibility is better. I'm standing, taking short steps and gaining strength in both ankles. Each session improves my balance and strength. I'm very impressed; Advanced Therapy Concepts is a great place!"
- Kenny W.

"On March 27, 2012, I had a right hip replacement. I came to Advanced Therapy Concepts using a walker, slowly moved to a cane, and now I am walking on my own. All in all, I have progressed so much, it' awesome. Thanks so much to the staff, but a special thanks to Jeanette who worked with me most of the time. I feel it won't be long till I am on the dance floor again." 
- Francisco S.

"After two months, I now hardly have a limp. I have improved my muscle strength. My range of motion is very good and about the same as my other hip. Thank you Cedric and the staff at Advanced Therapy Concepts!" 
- Robert P. 

"I was pretty weak and unstable on my feet before physical therapy. I'm so happy with the progress I've made! I feel more confident that I can keep from falling over when standing up. I've got a ways to go, but I'm making progress." 
- William B.

"I'm doing much better than I was when I first came in for physical therapy. I was very stiff throughout my entire left side. Now, I have no pain in my back at all and my left hip is also doing much better. I'm not as tired when I walk." 
- Sandy B.

"It's a lot better! Before physical therapy I was in an incredible amount of pain with trouble moving my neck around. I would wake up through the night a lot, and had a lot of pain picking up anything over 15 lbs. I now have almost no pain and a great range of motion. I can actually sleep through the night and haven't had a problem lifting things." 
- Derrick S.

"When I first got to Advanced Therapy Concepts, I had pain running from my back and down my leg to my ankle. I felt weak and unconfident about my back. Now, my back is loose, my stomach (core) is getting stronger, and the pain running down my leg is only now in my ankle. The pain is almost gone. Cedric is working hard to get me better soon." 
- Robert M.

"Advanced Therapy Concepts is bright and very clean. You are greeted with a smile. The staff is incredible and highly professional. I am so pleased with my treatment so far. When I came here I could hardly move my right arm and with three sessions I have complete movement and rotation of my shoulder. I was so impressed, I told my primary doctor that this place is great!" 
- Magaly F. 

"On July 7th, 2011 I had a knee surgery. I was referred to Advanced Therapy Concepts for physical therapy. My tenure here was a positive one. I felt a comfort level from the beginning. My knee is doing well and I owe it to my experience at Advanced Therapy Concepts. Thanks so much!" 
- Wylie H.

"My hips and lower back were in a lot of pain before I came here. Now my hips and back feel great. All of the people that work here are exceptionally nice and helpful. I'm so glad I came here!" 
- Sonia M. 

"When I fell I couldn't walk, but now I can. I've had a wonderful experience at Advanced Therapy Concepts. My knee doesn't lock anymore. Also, the lymphedema in my right arm was re-aggravated with the fall. It is now under control and back down. It feels good to be able to move again."
- Carol K.

"Since I have started physical therapy, my strength and range of motion have increased substantially. I can jog with no jarring pain in my shoulder. Simple household tasks are easy to do now and my shoulder is increasing in flexibility each day." 
- Marvin H. 

"On June 15th, 2011, while doing angled bench presses with only 135 lbs., my entire rotator cuff, bicep tendon, and all associated muscles were completely torn. My left arm was hanging by a bicep tendon thread. On June 23rd, 2011, Dr. Gilot at the Cleveland Clinic did a total reconstruction surgery. I was hospitalized three days. I rehabbed and convalesced at home for four weeks before coming to Advanced Therapy Concepts. After twelve weeks of physical therapy the results were extraordinary. I followed my program completely and with vigor. My recovery in complete and I'm 100% functional. I would recommend this wonderful facility to all." 
- Bruce F. 

"When I first arrived at Advanced Therapy Concepts I was not able to even comb my hair and I was in pain always. I was not able to lift my arm to do much of anything. Since coming here I feel that there has been great improvement. I am able to do things that I was not able to do when I first arrived. Thank you to all that helped." 
- Jennifer D.

"I'm a 62 year old woman that led a very active life. I went dancing, exercised, even took Zumba classes, but had arthritis on my left knee and walked with a limp. I had a complete knee replacement surgery to correct the problem. I started physical therapy at Advanced Therapy Concepts. I couldn't have made a better choice. I'm now able to do all that I love to do. I couldn't have asked for better therapists. Thank you all for giving me my life back and for doing such a great job!"
- Ana V. 

"I want to say thank you for all the guidance and support. When I came to Advanced Therapy Concepts I couldn't use my arm at all. After several visits over a three month period, I am excited to say the motion in my arm is now at a normal range. I want the entire Advanced Therapy Concepts team to know how appreciative I am for all the help they provided. It was a joy to work with you all."
- Diane R.

"I came to physical therapy for ulnar nerve inflammation in my elbow. I could barely shake hands or grasp objects as I was in a lot of pain. I have had 8 sessions and I feel a lot better. I went back to my normal activities with no pain. I will continue to work on the exercises at home. My experience was a very pleasant one. The team here is knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for taking care of me!" 
- Sarah T. 

"When I started at Advanced Therapy Concepts I had a limited range of motion. Today, a month later, my ability to use my left arm (my dominant arm) has improved greatly. I can lift things, cook and reach pretty high in my cabinets. My range of motion is almost back to what I originally could do before my fall. My therapists were helpful in getting me to this point. They really know their job and are good at it, very dedicated to patients." 
- Lucille M.

"At the beginning of physical therapy my leg and hip had a bad strain, not allowing me to participate in my rigorous soccer training. I started out the first few weeks strengthening my thigh with light weights to build my leg back up to par. As my leg injury began to heal up I started agility training and my leg showed great improvement allowing me to start running. The agility training increased over the next few weeks allowing me to start playing a quarter in my high school soccer games. Now there is no pain at all in my leg and I am playing at almost game speed from before my injury." 
- Anthony C.
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"Before physical therapy, I had constant pain in my right shoulder and tingling in my right arm. Now, the pain and tingling are gone. Thank you!"

- Cherie L.
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